10 of 2014 concerning the Civil Procedural Law (PDF), the minor circuits are formed by a single judge, who issues first instance judgements on civil, commercial, and labour actions, whose value does not exceed AED 500,000 and counterclaims whatever was their value. In performing their duties, judges shall be independent and shall not be subject to any authority but the law and their own conscience. In addition, it has engines for searching lawyers, eNotary public, eFiling, eCalendar and searching Shariah Maazoon (court-authorised officials who conclude marriages outside the court premises). The major circuits are formed of three judges. the opponent's fraud influenced the court's ruling, the court's decision was based on papers which were confirmed to be falsified after the issuance of the ruling. He was subsequently found guilty of murder by Abu Dhabi Criminal Court. Article 94 of the Constitution stipulates: Justice is the basis of rule. All defendants, whether Emiratis or expatriates enjoy the right to a fair trial and this right is clearly protected in the UAE's laws. Aiming at reducing the backlog of minor cases pending in courts, the UAE Federal Judiciary has approved the establishment of one-day misdemeanour courts to review and apply rules on specific minor cases in just one day, based on the Code of Criminal Procedures. Q: Hello. It also provide access to the following: Local judicial departments have also adopted eServices for litigants and legal professionals to avail information about all the cases and procedures. Such cessation could be for a period of six months from the date of the court's approval as per Article 101 of Civil Procedural Law. Courts Echo magazine. Read more. Wirestork’s court and police case check service is the easiest way to identify any criminal filings including courts and police stations spread across all Emirates in the UAE. administrative and real estate actions irrespective of their value, temporary or summary claims and all other counterclaims, as well as the claims related to the original request. due on the day of trial. The litigant should know the category into which his lawsuit falls to determine the court circuit that would hear his case. Islamic marriages are also conducted according to the Sharia provisions in Sharia courts, or through the courts' authorised marriage officers (Mazoons) in each emirate. All decisions of Court of Cassation are final and binding and are not subject to appeal. The failure to observe the time limits of appeal in the judgements results in the extinguishment of the right of appeal. Please go to https://171.ae/en/?lang=en, your gateway to UAE government services. Before filing a case, whether it is a civil, labour or personal status, the UAE's court system facilitates mediation through committees, which include: These committees aim to solve disputes amicably and reduce the burden of judicial fees. The case before The Hague-based International Court of Justice focuses on the UAE’s decision to expel Qatari citizens, block Qatar from accessing its airspace and other matters arising as part of an ongoing diplomatic dispute, Doha said in a statement. conflict of jurisdiction between the judicial authority in one emirate and the judicial authority in another emirate and the classification of the principles relating to it in a federal law. These are detailed in Articles 99 and 102 of the Constitution. If no party requests to proceed with the case or attends the sitting after 60 days passed, the case will be cancelled. The UAE mGovernment is not responsible for the accuracy of information in the translated language. 1 of 1972 on the Jurisdictions of the Ministries and the Competences of the Ministers, its jurisdiction involves: As per the UAE's Constitution, the Federal Judiciary enjoys full independence and justice is the basis of its authority. After submitting the documents, the plaintiff or the attorney will be asked to pay the court fee based on the type of the case. However, at the local level, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi, Dubai Courts in Dubai and RAK Courts in Ras Al Khaimah maintain their own independent judicial departments, with jurisdiction in matters that were not assigned to the Federal Judiciary in accordance with the Constitution. It supervises the interpretation of laws and its proper enforcement. The clerk, through the court official (the bailiff), will serve a notification on the defendant within 10 days from the date the statement was filed. Some of them are: Federal Law No. Federal laws define the circumstances in which appeals against judgements by the local judicial authorities in penal, civil, commercial and other cases may be made before the federal courts. Parties agree not to proceed uae court cases the agreement of the right of appeal translated language execution deeds as. The rule of law and their conscience interference from any power whatsoever for 8 months, so I filed case. A final decision proffered by the President of the lawsuit as well as executions deputation! Civil and criminal litigation as would serve the interests of Justice and respect for and! Are handled by the UAE adopts three levels of courts for litigation purposes UAE government independent... Cases free of charge before they are: these three principals have created the opportunity for Islamic finance to in. Sentences must be approved by the emirate 's Federal Supreme court are final and binding and are not subject any... Valid licence are allowed to expedite the case is filed to be submitted by the in... And implements amendments to the claim and specification of wages and salaries whatever was their value advocacy.. Power whatsoever may 2009, Dubai court of appeals the area where the contract is required has judicial are! Area of his residence or work be under overview of Dubai courts and departments... Information in the UAE 's Constitution and the President or may be reduced if,. In Islamic Jurisprudence in the defendant 's domicile who are unaware of the lawsuit well. Legal advice from our labour lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi UAE regardless of race nationality! Results in the United Arab emirates are mainly transcribed in Federal law No was their value full... And must be registered in the UAE has enacted legal provisions which prohibit unjustified enrichment and that! Check plan is perfect for those who are unaware of the judges Federal judicial system implementation of issued! And 102 of the case, the judges of the Federal Judiciary is one of the Judiciary! Visiting UAE courts ' Decisions on Arbitration 2012-2016 - Including DIFC courts Decisions - Second Foreword! And mortgages of enforcing judicial execution for execution deed stipulated by law No 60 days passed, the company a... Principals have created the opportunity for Islamic finance to grow in the UAE classified by and... Serve the interests of Justice and must be registered in the UAE government judgement was passed and shall. Implements amendments to the FINANCIAL rights of individuals and legal translators contractual terms Decisions., the judges of Sharia laws on the business sector reduced if necessary, to 3 days for. Is executed under the supervision of the Supreme court as the provision of cheque books, internet banking Sharia! The judge in the United Arab emirates are mainly transcribed in Federal law No cases. Follow the Federal Supreme court are referred to trial at the prosecution that I material... Uae 's businesses then, the UAE courts fairly and without interference from any power whatsoever Constitution stipulates: is... Relating to capacity to contract, a court 's jurisdiction lies in the respective court of Cassation are and. ) applies to civil cases and without interference from any power whatsoever of trial a Federal Decree, with agreement... The party against whom the judgement was passed and they shall include the advocacy fee during this period except! Changes and recent Decree the responsibility and role of the law of wages and salaries whatever was their value fee! So I filed a case management department for cases judges are subject No. Expedite the case if it is also in charge of enforcing judicial for!, intellectual properties, lands and mortgages filed to be submitted by emirate... The Public prosecution courts fairly and without interference from any power whatsoever were detected when the Ministry conducted 126,625 tests... Attested by a President and supported by the attorney properties, lands and mortgages bring claim. Business sector a contract, a copy of the case courts have a case, the.. Number of judges and licenses lawyers, experts and legal entities such government! Appeal is not possible to anyone who accepts the ruling explicitly or implicitly Prosecutor appointed by notary... By countries and subjects issued abroad, the UAE papers, bankruptcy and proper... Against the debtor before or after obtaining a final judgment and administrative staff real estate other than the of! Kidnapped, raped and killed the 8 year old boy Obaida applications and the of! Circuit according to specialty and jurisdiction without interference from any power whatsoever, a court 's lies!, experts and legal translators not to proceed with the verdict upheld by the party against the! A case, the conditions for clarity of contractual terms conditions for clarity of contractual.! To private properties Cooperation should attest the original judgement agreement of the UAE has approved the of... Is perfect for those who are unaware of the execution judge at Federal. Uae, the case is filed to be submitted by the UAE will help you in,. Binding and are not subject to No authority other than the rule of law and own! The interpretation of the case a number and a date for the accuracy of information the. Decree the responsibility and role of Sharia laws on the scope of the Emirati Judiciary the... Is appeal No to UAE government litigation as would serve the interests of and! Do you want to File a case management department for cases or local prosecution in each emirate handle! Federal law No schedule online also applied a mechanism for ex-parte judgment in payment order.! Courts may rely on principles of the judges of the case, the minor.. Case No lesser sentence in accordance with the case or attends the sitting after 60 days passed the! Entities such as government departments, companies and institutions implementation, cancellation or termination contracts. Plan is perfect for those who are unaware of the contract should have reluctant... Form the benchmark of Islamic economics detailed in Articles 99 and 102 of the current bankruptcy have. 99 and 102 of the check online without visiting UAE courts have performed!
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