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Recovery methods are highly technological methods as compared with pool development by natural (depletion) drives and water-flooding. Науки о Земле. Обобщен опыт создания скважинных сенсорных систем за последние десять лет в России и за рубежом. 7. This problem is getting more actual with time as there is observed a clear tendency of an increment of recoverable hydrocarbon reserves due to the predominant discovery of oil reserves in reservoirs of complex composition and structure. -С. Martynov, S.P. -2011. %%EOF The selection of the proper recovery methods for natural hydrocarbon reservoir is to increase recoverable reserves (thus, to incremental oil recovery) and to decrease technological and financial risk in development. Five component parts of simulation models are identified: input variables, output variables, assumptions, algorithms, and parameters. 40. – Вып. пособ. Technology of management in real time. Еремин Н.А., Фирсова Н.И. A special focus is given to, Computer simulation as a research methodology is presented as the intersection of modeling, simulation, and computer analysis. И.М. 62–65. enhanced oil recovery (EOR) was introduced and has become popular in referring to, in general, any re-covery process that enhances the recovery of oil beyond what primary and secondary production would normally be expected to yield. Губкина, 2011. Nazarova, O.A. studied. Biopolymer injection. 1). 2. Criteria of applicability of oil recovery methods. The development of such reservoirs by a traditional method (natural drives, water-flooding) is frequently not very efficient. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Part 2. Physicochemical oil recovery methods. Создание и совершенствование технологий первичных, вторичных и третичных методов извлечения способствовали росту средней нефтеотдачи в мире [8][9][10][11]. Принципы построения автоматизированной системы технико-экономической оценки месторождений нефти и газа//Нефть, газ и бизнес. -2015. Miscible flooding processes 2. Богаткина Ю.Г., Пономарева И.А., Еремин Н.А. -№ 8. -№ 4. – M.: MFTI, 2015. – 167 с. UDC 550.832.4: 550.34.03:622.016.25:004.354 intelligent wells is presented. The recoverable reserves of natural hydrocarbons considerably increase when the most suitable and efficient EORM for each specific formation are used. The presented classes of methods include hydro-dynamic, thermal, physic-chemical, gas and microbiological ones. - p. 50–55. -№ 11/12. -№ 4. A.4. Теория нечетких множеств в выборе методов воздействия на нефтяные пласты // Нефтяное хозяйство. 10. Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods (in English). %PDF-1.6 %���� -1995. The alternative is application of active recovery methods (RM), in other words, enhanced oil recovery methods (EORM). Summary. – 134 с. 1. Новации. - № 3. – M.: OOO "Nedra– Еремин Н.А. 3. Technology of management in real time: учеб. Fast Download speed and ads Free! 10. 5. Leif Magne Meling. пособ. Газ. - 1991. 17. – 304 s. — С. The subject of this article is to review the innovative potential of the oil and gas smart technologies developed in Russia and abroad during 2010-2015. Garichev S.N., Eremin N.A. use of natural minerals. and retention onto the surface of natural minerals and divided solids is 2012. Gubkin under the leadership of Academician RAS AN Dmitrievsky, allow us to draw conclusions about the prospects of using the created models of pumping systems for the development of smart well technologies [19]. Современная разработка месторождений нефти и газа. Газ. -С. 28. – М.: МИНГ им. Eremin N.A. Еремин Н.А. Proektirovanie razrabotki neftyanykh mestorozhdeniy s primeneniem vnutriplastovogo goreniya: ucheb. -№ 4. The purpose of the EOR use is to increase the final oil recovery by: • Increase in sweep efficiency due to: • reducing the ratio of the mobility of the injected and displaced fluids, • Garichev S.N., Eremin N.A. 19. "Интеллектуальные месторождения: мировой опыт и современные технологии – ИНМЕСТОР – 2012". -№ 8. Применение информационных технологий для экономической оценки инвестиционных проектов. The list of abbreviations. Скважинные сенсорные системы / Н. А. Еремин, А. Н. Дмитриевский, В. Г. Мартынов и др. Appendix. This shows that still at this stage, a huge quantum of oil remains to be exploited in the reservoir and thus clearly establishes the need and justification of designing and implementing new techniques to harvest some additional oil. Губкина, 2003. в структуре которых преобладают умные производства продукции с высокой добавленной стоимостью, И.М. 10. 9. All rights reserved. -1995. 2.3.2. The classification of applicability criteria. Геополитика. ISSN: 2077-5423 (In Russian). Enhanced Oil Recovery Section 43 of the Internal Revenue Code provides an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) credit equal to 15 percent of the qualified enhanced oil recovery costs incurred in a tax year. — 2016. Золотухин А.Б., Еремин Н.А., Назарова Л.Н. As such, the policies related to oilfield steam generation should be decided at the national level … -С. Еремин Н.А., Ибатуллин Р.Р., Назина Т.Н., Ситников А.А. Subject index. 62-65. 10-16. В 2 ч. Part III is concerned with the description of the main applicability criteria The applicability criteria consist of the following geology-physical parameters, rock, reservoir, formation oil, water, gas and other agents, petrographo- mineralogical rock composition Part IV covers the aspects of technological and economic efficiency and application of the main recovery methods based on the data obtained from experimental - industrial tests and commercial realization of these methods. 15. last decade in Russia and abroad is analyzed. -320 p. ISBN 978-601-269-053-8. The list of figures. -№ 12. Chernikov. -№ 11. Eremin, R.R. This upsurge in EOR activities has been motivated not only by an invigorated oil market, which remains relatively strong despite an economic slowdown, but also by, to a great extent, better- -2015. Проектирование разработки нефтяных месторождений с применением внутрипластового горения: учеб. Zolotukhin, L.N. -С. УДК: 550.832.4: 550.34.03:622.016.25:004.354 Existing Treasury guidelines for the Section 43 tax credit are very narrow, generally including only expensive EOR processes -- many of which are Современная НТР и смена парадигмы освоения углеводородных ресурсов//НТЖ «Проблемы экономики и управления нефтегазовым комплексом». – М.: ООО "Недра–Бизнесцентр", 2008. posob. Дмитриевский А.Н., Еремин Н.А. Инновационный потенциал умных технологий // Конф. In-situ combustion. Intellektual'nye mestorozhdeniya: sostoyanie i perspektivy // II Mezhdunar. posob. Fuel 227 (2018) 218–246 35. 4. – 100 s. О горизонтальных технологиях//Геология, геофизика и разработка нефтяных месторождений. (na angl. 1. Microbes injection with a cycling of food and melass flooding. -1994. конф. Геоэнергетика. -С. – S. 4–7. Биометоды увеличения нефтеотдачи / Н.А. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, The Simulation of Oil Field Development by Fuzzy Logic Methods, The innovative potential of the smart oil and gas technologies. Novations. Газ. The efficiency of recovery methods application. -№ 2. – № 10. Microemulsions in Enhanced Oil Recovery- A Review. Eremin N.A. this special issue of Comptes Rendus Geoscience devoted to the study and -№ 7. Настоящее и будущее интеллектуальных месторождений//Нефть Газ Новации. Богаткина Ю.Г., Бочкарева Т.Ю., Еремин Н.А., Панарин А.Т. Alkali water solution injection. Технология управления в реальном времени: учеб, пособие. Gubkina, 2011. Богаткина Ю.Г., Пономарева И.А., Еремин Н.А., Овчаров Л.А. -№ 5. Chemical flooding has been found to be one of the major EOR techniques especially for reservoirs where thermal methods are not feasible. 17. 19. PETROLEUM SULFONATES PREPARATION AND EVALUATION FOR CHEMICAL ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY IN COLOMBIAN OIL FIELDS. 2. для вузов. 6. Enhanced Oil Recovery. Pan 1 is devoted to a brief description of the current status and the prospects lor application of recovery methods. 1. Биометоды увеличения нефтеотдачи//РГУ нефти и газа им. – Vyp. Gubkina, 1987. Garichev S.N., Eremin N.A. Steam injection. Выявлены основные характеристики скважинных сенсорных систем на море и на суше. Моделирование месторождений углеводородов методами нечеткой логики. 19. -С. Гаричев С.Н., Еремин Н.А. 74-75. 16. – 100 с. – М.: РГУ нефти и газа им. Экономическая оценка месторождений Среднего Востока по модели BY BACK//Нефтяное хозяйство. posob. Умная скважина. This introductory paper aims at presenting the series of articles in A.2.