Pick up the shotgun shells and shoot out this plank barrier. Press Melee when the icon appears on screen. Stand with Lara's back to the doorway and this time look to your left. From this fenced-in walkway, you can see the helicopter ahead. The flames will spread and engulf them all. Throw 2 more cans onto the platform the same way. The gate closes trapping you in the dead-end street, and a squad of about 8 Solarii converges from all directions. with her back toward the gate). **The weapon parts in this area are found in random salvage crates. 44. There's another effigy (3/5) hanging on the outer wall of the tomb building. (screenshot), Now that we've covered the center and west sides of this area, let's head back to the Helicopter Hill Base Camp to regroup before exploring the east side of Shantytown. Then hang from the wooden beam at the edge and drop to the ground. Tomb Raider Shantytown South Ancient Gate. Don't hesitate here or you'll get shot up by the enemies behind you. Then inch back out and start shooting again. Slide down to the ... • Well of Tears Tomb › Shantytown South/Ancient Gate This is the all-clear signal. Shoot it with a fire arrow to set it ablaze. Next Collectibles Shantytown Campsites Prev Collectibles Chasm Monastery Campsites. There are several conveniently placed fuel barrels off to the right of your starting position and ahead on the ledges of multi-story shacks. Exit through the doorway to the left (east) and stay alert. * **********************************************/ Shoot out the planks and barbed wire in the doorway at ground level. The screenshots and videos included here were made using Fraps. FIRST AREA – CENTER: As mentioned above, there are 2 bundles of arrows and rifle/SMG ammo near the checkpoint below the helicopter, plus more arrows on the stairs to the right (west). On the side of that building facing you and below on the right are 2 doorways blocked with planks and barbed wire. Take care of him, loot his body, and then grab the rifle ammo if you need it. Several enemies may materialize down below and close in. Pull up, turn left and quickly run and jump to grab the ledge festooned with tattered cloth. Tomb raider at ign. Tomb raider shanty town map. Use a rope arrow to rip out the rope-wrapped planks in the floor. It's nowhere near the huge horde that attacked the first time though. Just watch out for petrol bombs and dodge out of the way as needed. The area beyond the gate is covered in Part 2. (Use Survival Instinct if necessary.) Now that you have fire arrows, you don't need to trigger the trap to get the goodies. Throughout this area there are boars, rats and birds to hunt if you are so inclined. When you're ready to move on, head for the gate at the end of the road leading south. SHANTY TOWN GPS CACHE 1. Another has more rifle ammo and arrows. She searches the dead pilot and discovers a LIGHTER, which she uses to heat one of her arrowheads in order to cauterize her wound. 4/30/13 - Fixed a few disorganized and missing links to existing screenshot pages. Grab one of the metal cans as you go. Return up the path, go through the helicopter and drop down on the other side near the Helicopter Hill Base Camp. Tomb Raider Shantytown Map of Collectible Locations. If you're patient, you can use the pistol to get headshots on almost all these enemies through the fence. Enter to trigger a cut scene in which Lara finds the chopper's first aid kit already depleted. Switch to the shotgun—you can do this while Lara is falling—and shoot out the boarded-up doorway. (screenshots), There are a few conveniently placed red fuel barrels you can explode with bullets or arrows to kill or injure nearby foes. In the doorway where you shot the barrier is a box of shotgun shells. First we'll head down the center of the map to the Challenge Tomb, then back northward along the west side of the map, then down the east side to the gate that is the goal. This guide contains 100% complete maps with all collectibles on them. (screenshots), Go around the enclosure to the gap in the fence. Just beyond the top of the steps, the path dead ends at a muddy slope. Then use the camp again to trigger another autosave. (screenshot) Then use your bow to take out both men—first the one up on the roof, then the one pacing back and forth at the top of the stairs with silent headshots. As long as you're quick when you climb the ladder and head for the path behind the helicopter, Lara should be able to survive easily. Tomb Raider Game Guide by gamepressure.com. Move to the other side of this same level and crack open the salvage crate. (This sequence is shown in both screenshots and this video walkthrough.). 1939 multiplayer map pack tomb raider. When you've rested and made any upgrades you want, follow the tunnel back to the climbing wall. Instead hop back down to the steps in front of the tomb building. Jump from the red ledge to grab the edge of the platform. Examine the bottom of the statuette for more info and XP. Vista Tower. Burn it with a fire arrow. You'll see a small gap in the wall. There are two openings on the upper levels: the one on the right has rifle/SMG ammo. To the right of the plywood ramp leading into the building is a low opening.