Reset to defaults Close Update. Spotted bass are native throughout Alabama with the possible exception of the Apalachicola River Basin. It was a big fish and a nice catch for Surry County angler Terry Trivette. Search for the biggest fish in the International Game Fish Association's database of biggest fish for each species. If you had to pick the time to catch a new world record bass, it would be tough to beat catching it during a tournament. The current world record spotted sand bass is an individual caught in 1995, which measured 23 inches and weighed 6.7 pounds. The spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatus), also called spotty, or spots in various fishing communities, is a species of freshwater fish of the sunfish family (Centrarchidae) of the order Perciformes.One of the black basses, it is native to the Mississippi River basin and across the Gulf states, from central Texas through the Florida panhandle. Signi cant morphological and genetic differentiation has By. It is distinguished from Largemouth Bass by having horizontal rows of small black spots on the lower side (vs. plain) in adults, a shallow (vs. deep) notch between the spiny and soft dorsal fins, and circular patch of teeth present (vs. absent) on the tongue. State record TN spotted bass, The KVD level, Texas finesse worms. LOUISIANA STATE FISH RECORDS Louisiana State Fish Records Official Copy Fresh/Saltwater And Rod & Reel/Fly Fishing Documented & Kept By The Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association (LOWA) ALL RECORDS ARE CURRENT THROUGH THE CURRENT RECORD AWARDED December 6, 2020 All ounce weights are converted into hundredths of a pound (16oz = 1.00) for uniformity. HABITAT AND BIOLOGY: Spotted bass usually occur around aquatic vegetation, submerged logs, and rock or riprap walls in small to large flowing streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Assertions. The Bass is … Spotted Bass on Lake Lanier at Record High. On February 12, 2017, Nick Dulleck of San Jose caught and released a 11-pound, 4-ounce spotted bass now recognized as the all-tackle world record-holder by the International Game Fish Association. Spotted Bass are also know as Kentucky Spotted Bass, or simply Spots. Only two hybrid classifications, the striped bass/white bass (Cherokee bass) and the walleye/sauger (Saugeye), will be considered for a state record. Either way, we all could literally be one cast away from from the bass fishing record books. The number of Lake Lanier spotted bass weighing in at more than 2 lbs. Species Weight Length Date WaterBody Angler Bait/Lure; Bass, Alabama 5.98: 22.25: Jan 9, 2016 California’s record was broken earlier this year with a 10.38-pound fish from New Bullards Bar Reservoir, a very popular place for spotted bass fishing. The species epithet punctulatus, Latin for "dotted", refers to rows of dark spots on the lower sides. 3172 Spotted Bass Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32226 was recently sold on 12-21-2020 for $327,990. Wesley’s Strader’s 6-pound, 7-ounce spotted bass breaks the former record of 5 pounds, 14 ounces caught by Jack Paul Watson on Dec. 31, 2008. Although they are more common to the south, there are some exceptionally large GOLD spotted sand bass caught at Cedros; I have rarely seen one from there that was under 5 or 6 pounds. The new record spotted bass beats the existing record, caught by FLW pro angler Wes Strader, by a full half-pound. This is the only BassBlaster of the week bass-heads! Fishing World Records. Spotted bass seem to occupy habitat between the preferences of largemouth and smallmouth bass, taking up residence in more current than largemouth bass, yet too warm, turbid, and sluggish for smallmouth bass. Its native range extends into the … That is one of the most sough-after records … The spotted bass is often confused … Use the search form above to find fishing world records for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and more. "Genetic work is near a necessity for absolute confirmation of … state records for selected categories. This record sh was 10 years old. Mac Weakley foul-hooked this massive Bass (25.01lb or 11.37kg) on 20 March 2006, in Lake Dixon, California, USA. Giant spotted bass now being caught in northern California had their origin many years ... including one by FLW pro Cody Meyer recently that will probably set a new all-tackle record … For this reason, introductions of spotted bass can often have negative impacts on existing sport fisheries. Spotted bass seem to occupy habitat between the preferences of largemouth and smallmouth bass, taking up residence in more current than largemouth bass, yet too warm, turbid, and sluggish for smallmouth bass. Record issues Has user assertions. Identification: Also known as “Kentucky bass”, the Spotted Bass is most similar to the Largemouth Bass. They typically weigh between one and four pounds. There are several key differences between largemouth bass and spotted bass and it can be very difficult to tell which one you've caught unless you know what to look for. According to Fish, that agency now places spotted bass and Alabama bass under the same records heading rather than opting for genetics testing to verify the origin of record-class fish. Almost - World record bass pulled from Lake Dixon - 25.01lb. This just has to be the biggest Bass yet "caught", photographed and released! I am thankful for YOU. Below is a list of current records and information on how to apply for a new state record. Download. Applicants must be willing to submit to the professional judgment of the certifying biologist as to the fish’s hybrid status. is currently at an all-time high according to an article in the Chattanoogan.Spotted bass in North Georgia normally with 1-1/2 if they are 3 to 4 years old. Spotted Bass and Largemouth Bass are not only exciting game for anglers, they’re also considered good eating fish, too. Reset to defaults Close Update. For a list of the largest common saltwater fish, visit the Division of Marine Fisheries (opens new tab). While spotted sand bass can reach 14 years-of-age, most have a maximum life span of about 10 years. Other Names Kentucky Spotted Bass, Spotted Black Bass Description Game fish - see statewide bag & size limits and lake-specific exceptions Micropterus is Greek meaning "small fin" [see Guadalupe bass for further explanation]. Advanced search Customise filters ... Record type Multimedia Presence/Absence. The spotted bass gets its name from the numerous dark spots that cover the lower side of its greenish, slender body, below a dark lateral line. Bloomberg delivers business and markets news, data, analysis, and video to the world, featuring stories from Businessweek and Bloomberg News on … At a high level they are jaw length, stomach markers, cheek scale size, dorsal fin attachment, tongue patch, and behavior. The N.C Wildlife Resources Commission's Inland Fisheries Division keeps a list of the largest common freshwater fish caught by hook and line in the state's waters. When telling Spotted Bass and Largemouth Bass apart, there are several key features that you should look at. See home details for 3172 Spotted Bass Ln and find similar homes for … Spots can be found around aquatic vegetation, submerged logs, and rock. Some records date back to George S Perry’s world record bass in 1922 while others state records seem to be broken every year. Yes, the 10-4 IGFA record would be for the GOLD Spotted Sand Bass; the IGFA record for Spotted Sand Bass [Bay Bass] is 4-15. Results from genetic testing conducted on … Hope you and yours decimate a turkey, get some relaxin’ done and maybe even some fishin’. It weighed 22 pounds 4 ounces and was caught from an oxbow lake off the Ocmulgee River called Montgomery Lake. The world record bass was caught near Jacksonville, Georgia on June 2, 1932 by George Perry. These are jaw length, cheek scales, the dorsal fin, the tongue, and belly markers. Spotted bass prefer rocky areas in clear streams and lakes. The DNA analysis was necessary to confirm the fish wasn’t a rare hybrid with a largemouth bass. Search: Spotted Bass | Occurrence records | NBN Atlas; Occurrence records . The spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatus) also called the Kentucky Bass, is a freshwater game fish in the sunfish family.It is a species of black bass native to the lower and central Mississippi River basin in North America.It has been introduced into other U.S. states as far west as California.It has also been introduced into other countries. Spotted Bass are also know as Kentucky Spotted Bass, or simply Spots. Download. Check out some record setting fish plus discover the awards TWRA sponsors for your first fish and the Tennessee Angler Recognition Program. Word is that Cody Meyer, a pro bass angler from California, recently reeled in a rather rotund spotted bass that needs only an official designation to assume its place as the world record. Record issues Has user assertions. It was not, however, the new spotted bass state record. Alabama bass controversy The spotted bass in Parksville Lake have been somewhat of a controversy. Spotted Bass vs. Largemouth Bass. Posted on November 24, 2015. State Largemouth Bass Record Chart Spots can be found around aquatic vegetation, submerged logs, and rock. Information about state record fish can be found on the WRD website at or in the Sport Fishing Regulations Guidebook available at all WRD offices and all license agents. Spotted bass will often out-compete and replace smallmouth bass or largemouth bass.

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